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Strategic Planning

Why Strategic Planning?

  • COVID-19 has impacted the business

  • Growth has been opportunistic, it’s time for a more systematic approach

  • Resources are stretched too thin, how will you expand and where?

  • The leadership team has many new members and all are not on the same page



Behind every successful organization is a clearly articulated and measured strategy. Our skilled consultants guide you and your team through the strategic planning process and work with you while it is implemented.  We also assist you in developing the metrics to assure all have the needed information.

We work with the leadership team to build an executable strategic plan and scorecard.  Diana is a skilled facilitator who can assist the team in identifying the business drivers and goals, deciding how to measure progress, and communicate success.  The process includes cascading the information downward to assure each individual in the organization understands their role in achieving objectives and uses the information to make decisions. This can be a separate service or part of a coaching contract.

A detailed SWOT and organizational analysis survey is used as a basis for the Planning and review. The survey assists the team in understanding where they are today, where they compete, upon what they need to focus attention and ultimately agree on the critical few goals to achieve.  This is done as our consultants facilitate the strategy sessions.

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