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Succession Planning

Brief Summary of the Process for Succession Planning

Our process recognizes the three critical components involved in designing a Succession Planning process which incorporates best practices. These components include:

Diagram of Succession Planning.jpg

​Without any one of the three pieces of the puzzle, you may achieve a process that provides a replacement plan but not a succession management plan that considers people, roles, skills, knowledge transfer and includes those leaving the organization. Additionally, without all three components, it is highly unlikely that the Succession Planning process will be adopted and its full potential realized.



The model considers all aspects considered to be best practices including:

  • Commitment & involvement of executives and board,

  • regular talent reviews,

  • focus on the critical positions,

  • hold executive team accountable,

  • align with business strategy,

  • manage the “change”,

  • assess performance and potential,

  • integrate succession into talent management, and

  • make a commitment to developing the talent with time and money (ASTD)

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