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Leadership and Management Training

Summary of Leadership and Management Training

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT - Developing the skills of leadership including, but not limited to, communication, ability to motivate others, and accountability.

Silverwood Associates offers a variety of options for leadership development, from workshops of 1 day or more in length to development programs that take place over the course of 9 months to a year.

Examples of workshops and programs include, but are not limited to:

We, at Silverwood Associates, understand that leadership development is a process rather than an event. It is most effective when delivered in two or more sessions that are spaced over time, allowing for practice and learning between sessions, using actual challenges/opportunities, and supported by some kind of individual or group coaching rather than delivering it as a “one-and-done” event. Even our one-day Leadership Fundamentals and two-day Effective Leader workshops build in “peer-to-peer” coaching as a way to sustain ongoing leadership development after the workshop.

The process begins with interviews of the leadership team to understand the driving business need(s), issues, and desired outcomes. In keeping with our promise to provide evidence-based solutions, Silverwood Associates’ leadership development approach combines development for the individual and team using effective models of leadership such as Full Range Leadership Model (Bass and Avolio) for overall leadership and team functioning as a foundation for our leadership development workshops and programs. Over the last decade, the Full Range Leadership Model (along with the associated survey instruments, the MLQ* and ALQ*) has become the most researched model in the leadership literature—and the most validated—and has been proven to be an accurate guide for developing exemplary leadership in diverse cultures, organizations, and leadership positions.

The approach, models, and tools used are based on the issues and goals to be addressed. We have found that using the Full Range Leadership Model establishes a solid foundation on which to build. Then, by emphasizing one or more of its components, particular focus on more specific areas of interest (e.g., Emotional Intelligence, Change Leadership, Developing High Performing Teams, Having Difficult Conversations, etc.) can follow.

The specific design of the workshops/programs will be agreed based on discussions with Senior Leadership.


Ask for more information about Leadership development for detail on the MLQ and ALQ

MANAGEMENT AND SUPERVISION TRAINING - Silverwood Associates provides a variety of strategies for Management and Supervisory Training. Our training employs strategies for the adult learners including workshops, lectures, group discussions, case studies, skill practices, and other methods depending upon identified competencies required in a way that enables participants to understand how they contribute to the health of the organization.


While it is commonly agreed that Management and Supervisory training is critical to the future success of the individuals in these roles, a majority of managers and supervisors never receive training for their first leadership role. Furthermore, all too often, training is delivered without concern for the true work requirements of a given role. For example, the requirements and related training needs of a first-line supervisor are different that those of a group manager.

Consequently, Silverwood Associates uses a model adapted from the book “The Leadership Pipeline” to help identify the levels and essential skills needed to be successful at each level. Our training courses are designed to address the identified requisite skills. Training time is adapted to the needs of the organization and group. It may be 1-4 days or ½ days over a longer period of time. Modules can be mixed and matched for the audience. We can customize the package for the groups to be trained.

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